Sedation Dentistry

SedationDo you have a fear of the dentist that keeps you from visiting frequently? If you have anxiety or nerves associated with the dentist that you just can’t get rid of, we are here to help.

We provide sedation dentistry at Prospect Dental Care. We want our patients to have a beautiful, relaxing, and enjoyable time each time they visit us. For many patients, sedation dentistry is the key to a great dental experience.

Protect Your Future

As you know, skipping out on dental visits can be detrimental to your future. Poor dental health leads to toothache, tooth loss, crooked teeth, and other dental problems. It is also linked to heart disease, dementia, obesity, and diabetes.

At-home care is an important part of maintaining great oral health, but regular visits to your dentist are also essential. Only your dental professionals can remove the hard and stubborn tartar from your teeth. It is also important to detect signs of decay or disease early on and have the necessary procedures as soon as possible.

Sedation dentistry can make it easy to come see your dentist for examinations, cleanings, and procedures.

Boost Your Confidence

2Are your nerves keeping you from creating a beautiful smile? A few simple cosmetic procedures could give you the bright, straight, and perfect smile that you have always wanted. Sedation dentistry can give you the ability to have these procedures done and start enjoying a stunning smile.

Save Time and Money

Some patients use sedation dentistry to get more done in a single visit. If you have a few procedures on your checklist, you may be able to check them all off in one day with sedation dentistry. Come to our office to learn more about how sedation can allow you to totally transform your smile in a day.

If you think you may be a candidate for sedation dentistry, come talk with Dr. Cummins. You can schedule a consultation by calling us today at Prospect Dental Care.