Meet Our Massage Therapist


Nicole started her career in massage in 2005 after starting school at Advanced Massage Therapeutics. Not knowing what to expect from massage school, she became passionate about the human body and the ability to heal with her hands. Nicole enjoyed school so much, she went on to become a teaching assistant for 6 years. Taking yearly workshops to further her education, Nicole is continually inspired to cultivate her skill. Specializing in orthopedic, sports, and injury massage, Nicole has volunteered her time at many sports events, including time with University of Louisville athletics and 9 years at Ironman. In May 2008, Nicole became a part of the Prospect Dental Care team, offering complimentary massages. “Helping our patients relax before, during and after their appointments has become part of our essence. Nicole’s holistic approach to life has helped create an environment that we all enjoy. The patients love to schedule their appointments when she is here and the staff truly values your presence.

In her spare time, Nicole enjoys cooking for her family and friends using ingredients from her garden, learning about digital photography, traveling to new places and spending time with her family.