Enhance Your Natural Beauty

stock-14-228x300At Prospect Dental Care, Dr. Cummins offers Botox because it provides additional comfort and beauty for her patients. Botox injections are a miraculous fix for various types of pain, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

Botox is a rapid procedure that takes just a few minutes in the office. Botox injections block the signals that nerves send to the muscles. This block prevents the muscle from contracting, allowing muscles to rest and wrinkles to soften.

A Pain-Free Life

Are you experiencing frequent facial pain? Your pain could be caused by TMJ disorder, bruxism, or other dental issues. Botox is an easy and lasting way to eliminate your facial pain.

TMJ or bruxism keep muscles unnecessarily tense. Botox will freeze the muscles and give them the break that they need to recover. After a few treatments with Botox, you may find that your muscles have permanently trained themselves to remain more relaxed.

Glowing, Smooth Skin

stock-11-228x300One of the impressive benefits of Botox injections is the way they can transform your look. When Botox reduces the lines in your face, you will achieve a more flawless and youthful look. When you come in for Botox treatment once every three months, you can maintain a young and stunning appearance.

A Trip to the Spa

Prepare to feel pampered in our spa-like environment. Our Prospect Dental Care office includes heated neck pillows, refreshments, candles, and entertainment iPads. We even bring in a complimentary massage therapist every Thursday.

When you come in for Botox, you will be able to enjoy a full spa experience. You will love our calming environment and the way that our services make you look and feel.

Come talk to Dr. Cummins about the ways that Botox can benefit you. Call us today at Prospect to schedule an appointment.